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Woodfordia fruiticosa

Botanical Name: Woodfordia fruiticosa (Flower)

Common Name: Dhaero, Amar phul, Kaling

English Name: Woodfordia, Fireflame, Shiranji tea

Parts Used: Bark, Leaves, Flowers

Habit and Habitat: Africa, W Asia, Subtropical Himalaya, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, east to China


Description: Pubescent shrub. Leaves opposite, sometimes in whole of three, sessile, lanceolates, 5-10 cm long, entire, under surface white and with black glandular dots. Flowers clustered, numerous, shortly stalked and red corolla.

Uses: Bark is pungent, acrid, anthelmintic, toxic, utherine, sedative. Dried flowers are astringent, styptic, uterine sedative, anthelmintic, antibacerial, vulnerary, alexitteric and febrifuge. It is used  in diarrhoea, dysentry, menorrhoea, in derangement of liver, ulcers, diabetes, hepetopathy, verminosis etc. It is considered as a safe stimulant in pregnancy, it averts abortion. Flowers aid fermentation.