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Swertia chiraita

Botanical Name: Swertia chiraita 

Common Name: Chiraitao, Tite, Khuple,Timda 

Family: Gentianaceae,

Parts Used: Whole Plant,

Description: This plant is distributed in temperate region of Nepal between 800-2000 M altitude. Mostly collected and even cultivated in eastern part of the country. It is an annual herb 1-1.5m tall flowers white or pale green of yellowish. Its flowering fruiting time is July to November. The collection of plant starts since beginning of mid of October till end of November. 

The collected plants are dried in the sun. Sometime in high hill areas where temperature is very low it is dried on smoke too. Due to which a smoky smell attaches with its natural smell and the color becomes dark due to smoke.

Active Compounds:The plant is bitter due nto ophelic and chiratin, a yello bitter glucoside, other compounds are resins, gum, carbonates and phosphates of potash, lime and magnesia, ash 4 to 6 p.c.

Medicinal Properties: Bitter tonic, stomachic, febrifuge and anthelmintic, appetizer,laxative, alterative, antidiarrhoeic and antiperiodic.

: This herb is used mostly to treat intermittent fevers, skin diseases, intestinal worms, bronchial asthma, burning of the body, regulating the bowels, dyspepsia and skin diseases.