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Pseudognaphalium affine

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Vernacular Name
Bokre phul, Khairo jhaar, Buke phul

English NameGolden cud weed

India, Himalaya, Myanmar, Thailand, Indo-China, Java

Parts used
Leaves and flowers


Description: Herb. Leaves oblong-spathulate 2.5-5 cm, grey-or white-felted, the lower blunt, the upper narrower, half-clasping; stems several and often tufted, 10-30 cm. Flower-heads globular, bright glistening yellow, c. 3 mm across, in dense rounded solitary or branched clusters, borne on erect leaves. Outer florets female, thread-like; involucral bracts shining, oblong-blunt c. 2 mm.

Use: Paste of leaves and flowers is applied into cut wounds to stop bleeding and to promote healing.

Application: Paste of leaves and flowers

Bhattarai 1989; A Compendium of  Medicinal Plants in Nepal by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi 2006,