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    तपसील खरिद गर्ने सामानहरुको विस्तृत जानकारी

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Polypodiodes amoena

Vernacular NameBishphej

DistributionIndia, China, Taiwan, Indo-China

Parts used


Description: Epiphytic or terrestrial fern. Rhizome wide, creeping, with brown linear scales. Fronds 30-65 cm long, 8-15cm wide, glabrous or slightly pubescent, cut down to the rachis into numerous, minutely dentate, pinnate, pinnae gradually narrowed towards the base. Sori glabrous, brown.

Use: Roasted powdered rhizome if taken internally relieves backache.

Application: Powder

Reference: Manandhar 2002; A Compendium of  Medicinal Plants in Nepal by Sushim Ranjan Baral and Puran Prasad Kurmi 2006