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Pistacia integerrima

Botanical Name: Pistacia Integerrima

Common Name: Kakarsingi, Kakrasringi

:  Anacardiaceae

Parts Used: Flower

Description: Pistacia integerrima is a multi-branched, single stemmed, deciduous tree, up to 25 m tall. The tree has low/dense crown base and roots deeply. Leaves large, up to 25 cm long, pinnate (frequently paripinnate) leaves bearing 2-6 pairs of lanceolate, long leaflets. The terminal leaflet is much smaller than the lateral ones or even reduced to a mucro. Inflorescence red. The fruits are globular, apiculate, 5-6 mm in diameter, purplish or blue at maturity and with a bony endocarp. 

Active Compounds: Resin, Pistacienoicacids, Tetracyclictriterpenes, Camphene, Luteolin, Pistacin, Pistacinin, Amino acids,Dihydromalvalic acids, Sterols, Tannins


Medicinal Properties: Expectorant, Carminative, Antispasmodic, Irritant, Antibacterial, Antiprotozoal, Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory,Antiallergic, Oestrogenic, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Anthlmintic, Antigiardial


Uses: Analgesic , Blood-purifier, Respiratory problems, Uterus associated diseases, Anti-pyretic