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  • Tender Notice

    Please find the tender notice in the link below..


    Tender Notice


  • तपसील खरिद गर्ने सामानहरुको विस्तृत जानकारी

    तपसील खरिद गर्ने सामानहरुको विस्तृत जानकारी

  • Call for Proposal - Nursery

    Call for Proposal - Construction materials for the modern greenhouse nursery

    7 (seven) day notice

    2073: The first published on Febr...

  • MAPs Stakeholders Directory

    JABAN has published Directory which comprises of stakeholders involved in trade of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) in Nepal. It can be request...

  • Product Factsheets

    Check Product Factsheets of Cloves, Dried Ginger, Cinnamon, Spices and Herbs as per European standard uploaded in downloads. For more details visit...

Vision & Mission


Conservation, cultivation and sustainable use of different NTFPs found in Nepal. The aim of this organisation will be to reserve rights of professional and institution related to NTFPs for the mutual development of country.



Global recognition of Nepali NTFPs and establish it as vertebrae of National economy.



  • Enhance awareness for production, processing, quality and cultivation of NTFPs in market.
  • Educate about cultivation, development and sustainable use of NTFPs.
  • Increase income source of citizen by either trade or processing herbs.
  • To participate in International trade fair, organize it for promotion and expansion of NTFPs markets.
  • To help formation of national rules and regulation related to NTFPs.